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The A340 Mono block review is now available. The review was done by HIFI +. Here is the review

6moons' publisher Srajan Ebaen has reviewed the A318B and given it a Realsization award. This is only the second such award for a piece of electronics this magazine has given out during its five-year existence. We are happy they liked it so much. Here is the review.

In all honesty, we weren't familiar with the term realsization. So we asked and learned that "this award is unapologetically concerned with extreme value. To be worthy of our cheapskate recognition, uncompromised build quality and excellent performance have to coincide. The imagery is self-explanatory - Padma Sambhava, Tibet's patron saint and great realizer, surrounded by coins of antiquity. Realsization takes standards educated by exposure to the best of audio and investigates how much money can be saved while maintaining the essence of ultra performance." Realsization, we were told, is a made up term and a contraction of the words realisation and downsizing.

In the course of providing Mr. Ebaen the technical information he needed to write his review, we also revealed to his readers plans about our forthcoming A340 mono blocks. These will be an advanced version of the A318B circuitry configured around a 6N1P balanced input and driver stage to drive two 6C33Cs in class A push/pull for about 40 watts per side.

Michael Wright of StereoTimes has reviewed and compared our M2A and M3A loudspeakers and awarded the M3A their 2007 Most Wanted Components Award. He also owns the M2Aand uses it during his ongoing speaker review evaluations. On the M3A, he concludes " my opinion, the performance offered by these speakers in the $2,500 3,000 price point is remarkable and offer good value. If you are looking for speakers in this price range, I would strongly recommend you give the M3As a listen." Here is the review. We thank Mr. Wright for his nice review and the award.

Top Music has released Almarro SACD.

SACD Title: Hearing the song Listening the silence
Leslie Ritter (Female vocal) / Scott Petito (Guitar)
SADiE Digital Precision Mastering
Monitor amplifier: Almarro A50125A
Mastering monitor: Almarro M1A
Made in Japan by SONY